The flamboyant fiddle player with the popular Australian Round Mountain Girls band, Rabbit Robinson, has long admired the Epoch violins for their robust stage sound.

The Round Mountain Girls has earned a top name in Australian stage music.


Jazz Violinist Ian Cooper and his bands are regular attractions at Jazz festivals and concert venues throughout Australia, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Ian's humorous show draws on many musical styles from jazz, Latin American, gypsy and country. He creates an exciting, new and original blend which never fails to impress any audience.

Ian was honoured in the inaugural Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth in January 2005, by winning the category, Best CD by a Fiddler Soloist. The following year, he won the top award of best fiddler soloist in Australasia.


Andrew Clermont is an international multi-instrumentalist, bluegrass champion and teacher.

A signature acoustic Epoch and an Australian sunset acoustic/electric take pride of place in most of Andrew's stage work around the world. 


Pixie Jenkins is one of Australia's top country fiddlers, humourist and stage performer. His fiddle playing is uniquely Australian, and with his amazing energy, story telling and humour, he has become one of the most recognisable artists in the industry. He’s also one of Australia’s most eclectic and talented entertainers, playing roots, bluegrass and Irish folk styles with an incredible dexterity and finesse.

He is a multiple Australian Country Music ‘Golden Guitar’ awards winner and John Williamson has stated that “Pixie Jenkins is the greatest fiddler Australia has produced”.


Blue October is an American alternative rock band originally from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 1995 and included Ryan Delahoussay on violin and other instruments. The band has been voted the top art rock band of Texas, and their regular concerts sell out overnight.

Ryan's first Epoch violin was a custom Blue October signature model with a dragon head on the stock.



Sebastian Savard is a French Canadian violinist and multi-instrumentalist and winner of many classical, traditional and popular music contests in violin, guitar, saxophone and bands.

He became a violinist and multi-instrumentalist with the Cirque du Soleil company in 2002 and puts his Epoch violin through a punishing and comic routine in a large variety of climatic conditions.


String Diva features the extraordinary talents of three young Australian women. Since their launch in 2004 they have become one of the most highly-regarded acts in the country. String Diva has performed for many Australian and international premier events.

Their extensive repertoire includes iconic Australian hit songs and beguiling classical music with a funky, contemporary edge. 


Rachel Bostock was violinist and vocalist in the Aussie rock band The Bostocks that enjoyed many years of playing their dynamic show of hot talent and original songs. 

The band was awarded with a prestigious Australian Songwriting Award for their song ‘Another Lifetime’ from their studio album (The Great Unknown 2014).

In previous years the group have been nominated for Golden Guitar Awards and they also took out Instrumental of the year at the Queensland Country Music Awards, not to mention picking up numerous Golden Fiddle Awards.

The band members have gone their separate ways, and Rachel is now concentrating on her career as a full time musician and teacher.


Music has been a way of life for singer/songwriter/musician Ashleigh Dallas from Tamworth NSW. She started playing the fiddle at the age of two.

Playing regular gigs with her Family Band, Ashleigh scored her first big break at age 17, when Kasey Chambers saw her perform and asked her to join her band, touring Australia and America. She won Best Youth Achievement at the 2011 Golden Fiddle Awards.


According to international multi-instrumentalist Andrew Clermont, Trevor Warner is one of the last true-blue bluegrass players in Australia.

He has played many electric fiddles over the years, but never quite found the one he really liked until he played the Epoch. His Epoch violin was one of the first ever made, and he has been playing it without a problem for more than 20 years.