Rabbit Robinson orders a unique
five-string Epoch



The flamboyant fiddle player with the popular Australian Round Mountain Girls band, Rabbit Robinson, has long admired the Epoch violins for their robust stage sound.

He has played a green four-string Epoch in the past, but his favourite was always a non-Epoch five-string, an instrument he had played since his teen years. But time has caught up with his beloved five-string, so Rabbit didn't hesitate to order a new, customised five-string Epoch, which will be ready for the band's next big international gig, the Beautiful Days concerts at Devon, in the UK, from 18 to 20 August.

He has challenged the Epoch team to deliver a custom painted instrument, with a photograph on the back, a guaranteed eye-catcher. Rabbit praises the Epoch electronics, inbuilt into the violin.

'It's great to be able to control the volume and balance and the Epoch delivers a bright clean sound at the top end. And the tone from a wooden instrument, with the wooden bridge is superior.

'We are really fortunate to be able to find a good five-string maker in Australia,' Rabbit says.

The Round Mountain Girls has earned a top name in Australian stage music in its decade of existence. The band's name is another story, but there's not a girl in the lineup.

In recent times, the Girls have supported performers such as the Latin rock band Santana, the folk rock band America, the legendary rock band Jethro Tull, the Zac Brown band and the UK rock band, the Levellers. Round Mountain Girls have just released a new album called 'Meet you at the end'.


An original Epoch still plays a sweet tune – 20 years later





" I have played many electric fiddles over the years, but never quite found the one I really liked until I played the Epoch. It's ease of playing, great tone and balance was what I had been searching for.  Mine is one of the first Epoch fiddles that were made in Tasmania.   I have enjoyed playing it now for over 20 years..... Thank you Epoch"     Trev Warner.


And thank you Trev for sharing your pic with us. Twendy years – really says it all doesn't it? – Mark Mitchell, Epoch Managing Director.


According to international multi-instrumentalist Andrew Clermont, Trev is one of the last true-blue bluegrass players in Australia.

A tribute to a great friend of Epoch - fiddler Barry Easton

'One of the most poignant and memorable moments in the long history of the Golden Fiddle Show in Tamworth was the day, in 2007 that Barry Easton played his fiddle on the Tamworth Town Hall stage with all the passion in the world'
–Fran Moser, Epoch general manager.

Barry Easton played lead violin for the Victorian Junior Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15 and then went on to be one of Australia's leading fiddlers. He has played at Tootsies in Nashville USA and with Alias Smith and Jones.

He also played with the late AP Johnson and the John Lawrence band. In Australia, he played with the Arin Australia Irish Band before joining the Joe Attana band.

He was a familiar face at the Tamworth Music Festival for many years.

A tribute to a great character

On behalf of all at Epoch Musical Instruments, managing director Mark Mitchell sent this tribute to Barry's family to be read at his funeral on 15 August 2014.

It’s not very often that any of us have the chance to meet a character like Barry Easton.

I remember sixteen years ago receiving a phone call from Tamworth and listening to this commanding voice that was so quintessentially Barry Easton. The person at the other end was determined to make sure he was speaking to the right person; he had something important to say and there was no time to muck around.

He introduced himself and went on to speak about his recent experience playing one of our instruments, and I can announce to everyone listening today, the essence of that call on this eventful day has inspired me ever since.

I was lucky enough as an instrument maker to progress from this professional relationship with Barry and earn his friendship.

My fondest memories are of Barry and his beautiful way of expressing his support and kindness to others. It was definite and unconditional.

We all know what a handsome and inspiring figure he was, especially when dressed to kill for the gig. And if you didn’t know better, you would be wrong to think he made this effort purely for selfish reasons.

I was told in no uncertain terms that if a person is to respect the audience and his colleagues, he should dress appropriately. He would say, 'Mate, listen, if you can’t dress properly on stage, then there is no point. It’s showing a lack of respect which is not good. I know some people disagree, but I don’t care, I know what I’m doing, and that’s it!'

I will cherish his one line lessons for the rest of my life. He was a great mate, thoughtful and appreciative of others, and we had a lot of fun.


A couple of inspirational videos

Epoch Musical Instruments showcased its latest carbon fibre technology at the big Australian Music Association Convention (AMAC) at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast in early August 2014.

The Epoch team, managing director Mark Mitchell, general manager Fran Moser, director and corporate affairs manager Ken Newton and research and development manager Neil Laughlin came away inspired by the work of AMAC and its US counterpart the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

We would like to share these inspirational videos produced by NAMM to encourage music and to highlight the benefits of music in all its forms and at all levels of skill.


Epoch players

Sebastian Savard – French Canadian violinist and multi instrumentalist. Winner of many classical, traditional and popular music contests in violin, guitar, saxophone and bands. Violinist multi instrumentaliste with the Cirque du Soleil company since 2002.



The legendary Australian music icon James Morrison loves the Epoch douible bass, and he arranged for the Flame double bass to be featured in his big band of students at the 2012 Creative Generation - State Schools onstage.

Each year, the most talented dancers, singers, musicians and actors from Queensland state schools come together to stage one of the state's largest performing arts events. More than 1500 students from across Queensland showcase their talent by starring in the professionally produced show alongside leading professional artists.


PICS Click on the images to enlarge

The James Morrison Creative Generation Big Band on stage at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre in July 2012 - featuring the Epoch Flame double bass


 Ian Cooper

Playing at the 2014 Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth

Jazz Violinist Ian Cooper and his bands are regular attractions at many Jazz festivals and concert venues throughout Australia, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Ian's humorous show draws on many musical styles from jazz, Latin American, gypsy and country. He creates an exciting, new and original blend which never fails to impress any audience.

Ian was honoured in the inaugural Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth in January 2005, by winning the category, Best CD by a Fiddler Soloist. The following year, he won the top award of best fiddler soloist in Australasia.

"Acoustic violins with inbuilt pickups all too often sound tinny or boxy. Not so with my Epoch. Sensible design and an ingenious pickup make this the most authentic sounding electric violin I've ever played! I want a second one!"
Ian Cooper – Virtuoso Violinist – James Morrison Band

"Congratulations on this fantastic violin of Ian Cooper's. It has the right groove and jive I need in this band!"
James Morrison



Ryan Delahoussaye
Blue October )

Click to enlarge

The top art rock band of Texas USA, Blue October is packing them in hot on the heels of the release of their CD with Universal records. Lead violinist Ryan Delahoussaye's first Epoch violin was a custom Blue October signature model with a dragon head on the stock.

Click on the Youtube link to watch this incredible solo performance by Ryan at a Philly concert in 2010

Watch him play - an awesome solo performance


Pixie Jenkins

Pixie in his cabaret version of True Blue

Pixie Jenkins, without doubt one of Australia's top country fiddlers, humourist and stage performer is delighted with his professional, custom 5-string Epoch.



Andrew Clermont


Andrew Clermont is an international multi-instrumentalist and bluegrass champion.

A signature acoustic Epoch and an Australian sunset acoustic/electric take pride of place in most of Andrew's stage work around the world.

"It really does shine in a group, with its clear and bold sound. An Epoch taken straight off the rack can be used immediately and stand out in the best possible way. The Epoch’s electric sound turns heads and I love the raw unadorned timber sound."
Andrew Clermont multi instrumentalist and teacher




Ashleigh Dallas, playing with Kasey Chambers at the Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth


Music has been a way of life for singer/songwriter/musician Ashleigh Dallas. Hailing from Tamworth NSW, she grew up in a musical family, becoming the third generation of The Dallas Family.

It’s no surprise that Ashleigh followed the family into music and started learning the fiddle at the age of 2.

Playing regular gigs with her Family Band, Ash scored her first big break at age 17, when Kasey Chambers saw her perform and asked her to join her band, touring Australia and America.
Ashleigh is in midst of recording her Debut album as an artist in her own right. She also won Best Youth Achievement at the 2011 Golden Fiddle Awards.

Ashleigh plays two Epochs – Pearl White VP4 and Metallic Black VP4.


String Diva


String Diva features the extraordinary talents of three young Australian women. Since their launch in 2004 they have become one of the most highly-regarded acts in the country.
String Diva has performed for many Australian and international premier events.
Their extensive repertoire includes iconic Australian hit songs and beguiling classical music with a funky, contemporary edge.




The highly acclaimed cellist and founding member of award winning band ‘August Way’, Mobius is ecstatic with the performance, durability and roadworthiness of his CP4 Cello.





Rachel Bostock
( The Bostocks )

Aussie rock band The Bostocks are real crowd pleasers with a dynamic show of hot talent and original songs. 

This Gold Coast band stands out because they are a family band of two brothers and two sisters.  

Check out the Bostock's latest clips:





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