The ultimate in contemporary double bass design, this instrument is made to sound outstanding, acoustically or electrically, in any situation or style of music - orchestral or contemporary, pizzicato or arco.

The DP3 sports a shape proudly indicative of its heritage, but underneath, this instrument is at the  very cutting edge of contemporary design. It incorporates all the Epoch features you have come to expect plus the latest in our carbon fibre construction technology combined with our unique electronics.

VA Acoustic


  1. Electric and acoustic
  2. Unique ‘Tunit’ pickup (PAF) and active preamp
  3. Provision for 3 ancillary, or alternative, pickup sources
  4. Excellent feedback rejection
  5. Easy, low cost maintenance
  6. Ultra robust, modern construction
  7. Extensive use of carbon fibre
  8. Unaffected by heat and humidity
  9. Stable tuning in all conditions
  10. Professional strings
  11. Comes with 2 bridges  (wood and carbon fiber)
  12. Australian designed and manufactured
  13. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  14. ¾ scale
  15. Disassembles and has a removable neck for travelling

Technical details:
Overall length: 1790 mm
String (Scale) length: 1053 mm
Overall depth (incl bridge): 396 mm
Upper bout: 463 mm
Lower bout: 618 mm
Typical Weight: 9.3 kg

This instrument is of a unique modular design that will disassemble for travelling.

Materials: wood neck, carbon fibre/wood body and carbon fibre spar.
The inherent characteristics of carbon fibre combined with a high strength to weight ratio means the instrument is lighter, louder and more responsive than traditional all wood models.

Finishes: Epoch Instruments use the latest hi-tech, durable 2-pack finish. The DP double bass has a total matching full gloss finish

Pearl: White, Yellow, Calypso Blue, Burnt Orange, Black and  Red
Effect: Marble and Chameleon
Custom colours and effects to order.

In addition to its acoustic qualities the on-board electronic features give the DP3 the versatility of a purpose-built electric double bass without the vagaries often associated with aftermarket systems, or the lack of character associated with solid and semi acoustic electric Double Basses. The quality of this pickup system has been particularly noted when the instrument is bowed - an area where most other systems tend to fail.


  1. Equipped with our unique ‘Tunit’ pickup (this pickup can be rotated in place to obtain optimum performance in any given environment).
  2. An exclusive, hand build, preamp featuring an LED power indicator and provision to power a microphone.
  3. 9v battery power supply with ready access (bottom, to the player’s right).
  4. Fitted with an internal wiring loom and additional sockets that gives provision for 3 more pickup sources
  5. All source inputs are wired to 2 x ¼” TRS output jacks (1 each side of the end pin)
  6. Output/sensitivity: 50k ohms

Source inputs and recommended pickup configuration:

Genuine Epoch Accessories:

  1. Pickups - magnetic, hot dot and a miniature microphone
  2. Cases & Covers - fibreglass flitecase (in collapsed mode for touring etc)
                             Padded bag
                             Shower proof dust cover
  1. Dedicated  4 channel bass preamp/blender
  2. Cables & Leads -  multi cable interface
                             !/4” TRS – 2 x TS cables
                             Jack – Jack cables