The ultimate gigging instruments and ‘tools for the trade’. These are designed for all environments and any style of music - orchestral to combo, classical to contemporary, acoustic or electric.

All models, with the exception of the VP4, have the advantages of our carbon fibre/wood construction technology.

All instruments are fitted with an EP series high output pickup and a matching purpose built, handmade preamp that can be plugged into a DI or straight in any amplifier. The onboard electronics make these instruments self contained and they have a responsive, powerful and open sound that will cut through on any stage. They are ideal for professional and gigging players looking for an instrument that is rugged, versatile and practical that will sound good in any environment and situation.

Materials: VP4 - all wood neck and body.
All except VP4 - wood neck and carbon fibre/wood body.
Finishes:  Professional series instruments have a total matching full gloss finish.

Pearl: White, Yellow, Calypso Blue, Burnt Orange, Black, Red, Silver and Blackberry
Effect: Marble and Chameleon

Violins – VP4, VP4C, VP5 (5-string)
Viola – LP4
Cello – CP4
Double Bass – DP3