The evolution of the Epoch technology

Epoch Managing Director Mark Mitchell in the Epoch workshop, explaining the Epoch philosphy


Meet the family –
your host is Neil Laughlin,
Epoch Chief Instrument Maker

These interviews with Epoch Chief Instrument Maker Neil Laughlin
were recorded during the big Australian Music Association Convention
on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in August 2014

The Epoch trade show backdrop featured some of our star international
players and was a stand-out at the exhibition

Read what our star players are saying about the Epoch

Neil Laughlin explains the unique Epoch tube

...and here, Neil explains the carbon fibre construction process

Tribute to the original team

David Sugden (left) with Dr Jan Sedivka

Who was Dr Jan Sedivka (1917 – 2009) read this

Epoch Chief Instrument Maker Neil Laughlin tells the story of Jan Sedivka's influence over the development of the Epoch


The Epoch technology was conceived and developed by Tasmanian, the late David Sugden, an internationally recognised consulting engineer and inventor.

He brought the advantages of modern knowledge of dynamics, production methods and materials to the 400-year-old design of the conventional violin, without destroying its wonderful musical qualities and aesthetics.

He was urged on and critically advised by Dr Jan Sedivka, then Master Musician in residence at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music and a world renowned master violinist and teacher.

The Epoch technology is generally considered to be the only major change in violin design and technology since the Vasco Da Salo design of more than 400 years ago.

Today's Epoch team has never deviated from the Sugden design. The instruments produced today have a dynamic range about twice that of the standard violin. Their increased resonance make them very easy to play and to find the note.

The instruments are made in Australia and Australian materials are used, with minor exceptions. The design is patented and patents are pending.


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