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''The Epoch violin has the groove I want in my band'
James Morrison, Australia's international jazz superstar (who also happens to love our double bass)


Ease of playing and consistent quality all the way across. It would be great, instead at school of having a whole pile of rotten instruments, having something that is very consistent all the way across.
Bruce Davidson, conductor - Gold Coast Youth Symphony

The way the strings are closer to the finger board…it just makes everything so much easier and with the violin it really takes a couple of years before you feel like you’re making any sort of sound at all. And if you can get that better sound a little bit quicker it means that you stay at it.
Virginia James and son Paolo

My son Paolo has A.D.D which makes it very difficult for him to concentrate and its difficult for him to stick at things. When he was about five and a half he started learning the violin but wanted to give up. I came across these coloured violins and because Paolo was so keen on frogs and green I thought it might be an encouragement. His Epoch violin has certainly worked and Paolo loves playing now.
Virginia James and son Paolo

The kids really love the new violins because they are a little different…String instruments are more conservative and the kids who play them are more often considered a little bit square compared with the kids who play things like the drums and saxophone…but simply changing the color and design of the violin helps bring it back into popular culture and it certainly makes kids more eager to practice.
Barbara Sedgely – head music teacher at South Australian Wilderness School

I love the color and the shape. They are really cool and get me to practice because now I love playing my Epoch violin…..the old violins were boring.
Leah Fitzgerald – aged 9 – student at South Australian Wilderness School

The sound is absolutely incredible. The half size violin sounds just as good as the full size instrument, which is unusual because most of the time the smaller the instrument the less tonal quality. You can hear the resonance virtually in every note you play. Some notes you play on a regular violin, depending on the quality of the violin, have got a sort of a dead quality about them, but not with an Epoch. There is a consistent resonance and quality across all four strings. Very responsive.
Matthews Tyson, St Ceclia School of Music

I teach lots of lots of young kids from around the age of about seven or eight and of course I’ve always got the problem of necks coming adrift because they drop the violin. Cracks occur, seams come apart because of glues and with the Epoch and its construction there aren’t any issues.
Dave Maddick, string teacher

If an instrument feels good, it will make you sound good and you’ll want to play it. Now as a teacher that’s what I want all my students to be able to do, I want them to want to play, want to practice, want them to feel good about the instruments they are playing on and the Epoch violin will do that. A regular violin will do that too but then they will pay thousands of dollars to get that quality. If I say to them that this violin is worth seven or eight hundred dollars and they go and buy a regular seven hundred dollar violin, I’m afraid they won’t really get the same quality that they get from this, so I’m a great supporter of Epoch.
Matthews Tyson, St Ceclia School of Music


Worongary State School Testimonial


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